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Posted on August 23rd, 2013

eDiscovery Experts for the Plaintiff’s Bar

Hidden truths targeted, identified, and delivered.

Plaintiff’s firms are traditionally outgunned when they face off against major corporations. In no arena is that more true than in the discovery of electronic data. Global corporations have deep pools of resources and lots of remote places where relevant electronic evidence can be hidden – or even actively destroyed. It’s a rare defendant that can’t bury a plaintiff’s team under terabytes of irrelevant data in unusable formats, all while seemingly acting in complete compliance with the court orders.

ILS levels the playing field by putting on your side eDiscovery experts including engineers, linguists, medical and science professionals together with seasoned litigators. It’s not just about the technology – it’s about the proven litigation team and industry experts who deploy that technology to best serve the plaintiff’s bar. That combination of human expertise and computer modeling enables ILS to target, identify, and deliver documents relating to the key issues and themes of your case – in any format, in any language – at lightning speed.

If there’s a smoking gun, ILS will find it. Get us involved early. Speak to a consultant today, call (949) 272-0136.

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