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ILS officeFormed in 1988, International Litigation Services, Inc., (“ILS”) has grown to become a nationally renowned plaintiff electronic discovery firm. We elevate the plaintiffs’ bar by offering state of the art eDiscovery tools and services along with expert strategic planning so that our clients stand on equal footing against corporate defendants with seemingly unlimited resources. Plaintiffs’ counsel are dedicated to finding justice for harmed individuals, and we, in turn, are dedicated to helping them achieve their goals in a time-efficient and cost-effective manner.

Electronic Discovery Experts Offer Litigation Consulting Every Step of the Way

We offer a number of services specially tailored to assist attorneys representing class action lawsuits and multidistrict litigation at a level not found anywhere else. From the beginning of the case, our legal team assists counsel in strategic planning and drafting discovery requests to ensure the documentation is produced in a manner and scope that will make for efficient document review. If defendants challenge the discovery requests, our consultants are seasoned litigators who can assist counsel in negotiating and defending challenges and objections to discovery requests.

Our firm also collects and processes plaintiffs’ ESI production. In MDL and class action lawsuits, plaintiffs may be spread across the country and individual data must be collected and organized from each person. Our primary goal is to perform ESI production effectively while keeping the costs to our clients (and their clients) low.

Once the defense production is received, it is our experience that less than 10 percent of data will actually be relevant to the issues important to plaintiffs. Document review accounts for a considerable portion of attorney time and money, but our automated issue coding, also known as predictive coding, uses cutting edge high technology to streamline this process with technology assisted review (TAR). We train sophisticated AI-based document analytics to recognize the key issues, then the program will read through and analyze what can be enormous volumes of documents in a fraction of the time and expense.

If your case involves international parties, the ILS Team can overcome all hurdles for language barriers in depositions, foreign language translation and communicating with and preparing witnesses. Our machine translators provide unsurpassed accuracy and can search documents and files in multiple languages. We have expert forensic investigators and computer forensics software to review files, hard drives and email analytics to ensure no information is missed. Our eDiscovery software capabilities are unlike that of any other discovery support company, and with our “best of the breed” technology and online repository services, you can securely access your case files and discovery production from anywhere in the world.

Contact ILS for Full-Service Electronic Discovery Solutions

The renowned plaintiff eDiscovery experts at International Litigation Support, Inc. is composed of top IT professionals, linguistic specialists and sophisticated legal minds that work for the plaintiffs’ bar to elevate their practice and allow them access to the resources needed to achieve their clients’ goals. We specially tailor all strategies for the best solutions to any electronic discovery issue that may arise. Contact our electronic discovery experts today for a free consultation and to learn more about what we can do for you.


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