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eDiscovery Experts for the Plaintiff’s Bar

Hidden truths targeted, identified, and delivered.

Plaintiff’s firms are traditionally outgunned when they face off against major corporations. In no arena is that more true than in the discovery of electronic data. Global corporations have deep pools of resources and lots of remote places where relevant electronic evidence can be hidden – or even actively destroyed. It’s a rare defendant that can’t bury a plaintiff’s team under terabytes of irrelevant data in unusable formats, all while seemingly acting in complete compliance with the court orders.

ILS levels the playing field by putting on your side eDiscovery experts including engineers, linguists, medical and science professionals together with seasoned litigators. It’s not just about the technology – it’s about the proven litigation team and industry experts who deploy that technology to best serve the plaintiff’s bar. That combination of human expertise and computer modeling enables ILS to target, identify, and deliver documents relating to the key issues and themes of your case – in any format, in any language – at lightning speed.

If there’s a smoking gun, ILS will find it. Get us involved early. Speak to a consultant today, call (949) 272-0136.


Studies prove:

  • Keyword Search finds 22-24% of relevant documents.
  • Human Linear Review finds approx. 60% of relevant documents.
  • ILS human/Ai solution finds 75-90% of relevant documents.

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Strategic eCertainty

Before you can find what you need, you need to know what to target and how to ask for it from within the defendants’ complex data enterprise unique to each defendant. That’s where ILS delivers a huge advantage to your team. We’ve worked the other side. We know where and how information can be buried, how counsel can deflect courts from valid lines of inquiry, and how discovered documents can be provided in formats that lead to investigative dead ends.

That strategic insight helps us proactively map out a plan for the successful discovery of electronic files that goes into action even before the first Meet and Confer. So you get all the information you need, in its native format and including all its metadata.

Don’t wait until after the court has limited the types of documents you can obtain. Target the documents you need to win, right from the start. Speak to an ILS professional at (949) 272-0136.

A digital image of a document is not the document.

Image files typically lack proof of:

  • Delivery
  • Opening
  • Viewing
  • Redline
  • Previous versions
  • Approvals
  • … and more!

Get the ILS edge. Speak with an ILS consultant today.

Forensic eCertainty

Getting data is only half the battle. Next you need to detect spoliation, production defects, and inadequate defense data productions. That’s why ILS blends proprietary technologies with human expertise to catch defense discovery gamesmanship and related problems as early as possible.

The fact is, today’s corporate information practices generate seemingly endless terabytes of discoverable data, of which only a tiny fraction is relevant and useful to winning your case. ILS blends human expertise with computer modeling to trace, retrieve, analyze, and sort mountains of data at lightning speed, flagging and prioritizing items for review.

ILS is the smarter, more cost-effective way to track down, locate, and obtain the documents you need to win your case. Speak with a consultant today at (949) 272-0136.

We are specialists in AI-powered computer forensics for the plaintiff’s bar

A recent first-pass programmatic review was performed against 53 million multilingual pages in just 4 weeks.

Get the ILS edge. Speak with an ILS consultant today.

Linguistic eCertainty

Global corporations generate widely dispersed data on different platforms and in different languages. ILS cuts through language barriers and puts plaintiffs on an equal footing with major multinational defendants regardless of language.

Our proprietary human-trained Ai technology rapidly sifts foreign-language documents to deliver both more documents, and more-relevant documents in any language. And, it delivers those documents, complete with dramatically enhanced machine translations, for pennies per page. From there, provide complete native-speaker translation services, translated document certification, and even certified interpreters for taking depositions and preparing for testimony.

ILS has provided discovery services for plaintiffs in international litigation since 1988. To put over 25 years of specialized experience to work for you, call a consultant today at (949) 272-0136.

International litigation means more than translation

Machine translation, while important to a first pass review, many not always convey the nuances of a foreign language document. And relying on mere linguistic interpreters when facing foreign witnesses likewise misses key technical nuances that can dramatically affect the outcome of your case.

Get the ILS edge. Speak with an ILS consultant today.

Analytic eCertainty

Traditional brute force linear reviews of data are costly and ineffective. ILS software solutions combine human and machine intelligence to deliver effective, affordable identification of key issues and themes necessary to prove your case – all while managing documents and workflow for maximum efficiency.

Unlike other software solutions, ours are continually refined by an in-house team of analytics and electronic database experts working on behalf of plaintiffs in ongoing litigation. So everything is field-tested, with rapid implementation of improvements.

The result is the industry’s best plaintiff electronic discovery platform. Get control of your documents and your discovery workflow. Speak to an ILS professional, call (949) 272-0136.

ILS eDiscovery software solutions

Document Review Platform: State of the art review tools providing secure and remote access for you, not only on your PCs and laptops, but also tablets, smartphones, and other portable devices.

Ai based automated issue coding allows plaintiffs’ counsel to tailor the review of defense productions to only the key issues and themes important to your case.

Get the ILS edge. Speak with an ILS consultant today.