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Posted on August 23rd, 2013

Before you can find what you need, you need to know what to target and how to ask for it from within the defendants’ complex data enterprise unique to each defendant. That’s where ILS delivers a huge advantage to your team. We’ve worked the other side. We know where and how information can be buried, how counsel can deflect courts from valid lines of inquiry, and how discovered documents can be provided in formats that lead to investigative dead ends.

That strategic insight helps us proactively map out a plan for the successful discovery of electronic files that goes into action even before the first Meet and Confer. So you get all the information you need, in its native format and including all its metadata.

Don’t wait until after the court has limited the types of documents you can obtain. Target the documents you need to win, right from the start. Speak to an ILS professional at (949) 272-0136.

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