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Attorneys Rely on Our Technological and Analytical Abilities

International Litigation Services (“ILS”) began providing comprehensive litigation support services in 1988 and has grown into a nationally prominent plaintiff electronic discovery firm. Over the years, ILS has managed many multi-party complex litigation document management projects, including, but not limited to, the Stringfellow Environmental Litigation, The Jack-in-the-Box Bad Burger Litigation, Environmental Litigation in the State of Alaska, the Gemstar–TV Guide Hearings held before the FTC in Washington, D.C., the Alaska Airlines Litigation and the Singapore Airlines Litigation.

Plaintiff Electronic Discovery Services for Class Action and MDL

Today, our plaintiff eDiscovery experts provide specialized support to class action and MDL lead counsel. With this tight focus, our consultants have gained a deep appreciation for the challenges and goals that are shared by our clients as they do battle with Goliath-like opponents. With our highly imaginative professionals and solutions, we are prepared to meet those challenges and advance those goals as ardently as our clients do for their clients, the individual plaintiffs.

Our service offerings include Automated Issue Coding (also known as predictive coding) as well as foreign language translation. With the ILS Team’s wide-ranging eDiscovery experience in mass torts, securities, ERISA, antitrust, wage and hour, employment discrimination, environmental and other types of class action lawsuits and multidistrict litigation, our experience in providing innovative technology based solutions will help get your case started on solid footing. Our experience coupled with a cutting-edge technology and eDiscovery software enables you to conduct a meticulous document review quickly and at a fraction of the cost.

Crafting eDiscovery Solutions to the Specific Demands of the Case

Our eDiscovery experts craft discovery solutions to meet the specific demands of your case. At ILS, we provide the process and resources so that you can identify and negotiate the scope of discovery and then intelligently plan for successful execution of the processing of discovery materials. Reach out to our plaintiff electronic discovery firm to learn more about how our clients have come to rely on our technology, analytical abilities and our depth of experience.


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