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Electronic discovery
In the digital age of multiparty litigation, electronically stored information (ESI) has become the norm for both plaintiff and defendants’ discovery production. Our plaintiff electronic discovery services provide skilled professional guidance and the most advanced eDiscovery software and technology available to cost effectively collect, cull, process and review all forms of ESI protocols. Our experience in collecting and handling disparate information for use in complex litigation matters spans over 25 years!

How Plaintiffs’ ESI Production Differs from Defense Production

Plaintiffs’ production in class action lawsuits or multidistrict litigation has a different set of requirements than that of a defense production. First, the target data is dispersed – often across the U.S. or even worldwide. Frequently, individual plaintiff’s personal computers, laptops, smart phones, digital cameras and removable media may require collection. Webmail, including Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. and social media sites are increasingly prime areas of focus.

When approaching an electronic data discovery project, we never lose sight of our primary goal. If you are the producing party, your singular goal of this process is to preserve, collect and produce all responsive (and non-privileged) documents to a discovery order. If you are the requesting party, your objective is to find all of the relevant documents within the defense production. In either case, it is important to recognize that by far, the largest expense associated with the entire process is the time required for attorneys to find and review documents.

After years of overcoming plaintiff ESI production challenges, we have time-tested methodologies to review documents, issue code the data important to your case and translate foreign documents while keeping costs to our clients, and their clients, low. Many plaintiffs’ firms simply do not have the kinds of resources as do large corporate defendants and mega-defense law firms, but we level the playing field by providing our clients unsurpassed legal and IT consulting as well as cutting-edge high technologies for efficient and accurate plaintiff ESI production.

Contact ILS to Streamline Plaintiff Electronic Discovery Production

At ILS, our team of eDiscovery experts manages our electronic data discovery practice. During each step of the process and with every technology tool advanced, our team never loses sight of our primary objective: reducing our clients cost of review. Contact us today for more information about how our plaintiff eDiscovery firm can assist you with ESI production and streamline all aspects of electronic document review.


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