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Plaintiff eDiscovery Expert Programs Provide Unsurpassed Accuracy

Not impressed with Machine Translation? We weren’t either. That’s why we came up with something better… much better!

Machine translation

We provide a comprehensive suite of services for the automation of foreign language document translations as necessary to the plaintiff electronic discovery process. Designed for litigators, case teams or anyone charged with reviewing non-English language documents, our services provide automated assistance for quickly finding, sorting and categorizing relevant foreign language documents, starting from either electronic or paper formats. Our system enables the process of determining what documents are relevant and responsive, while reducing the costs of both translating and producing documents.

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Enhanced Machine Language Translation (MT)

One of our most extensively accessed service products is our enhanced MT service, which provides “first-cut” foreign language to English machine translations that are exceptionally accurate. Standard dictionary-based algorithms often produce nonsensical English translations because the nuances of localized idiomatic expressions are lost.

Our advanced machine-language translation program uses both dictionaries and artificial intelligence algorithms that compare human translated documents against the original text.  For litigation, linguists on our plaintiff eDiscovery experts team augment machine training with the unique lexicon found within the Defense-side document productions. Using these advanced foreign language analytics together with the specific jargon used within the Defendant’s organization, greatly helps incorporate idioms into the translations.

Concept Analysis with Cross Lingual Support

Language translationFor foreign language documents, ILS uses software tools that provide cross lingual searching as well as concept meaning and categorization functionality. A search in English for the term LCD, for example, would not only return “liquid crystal display” from English language documents, but also any discussion of electro-optical amplitude modulator, flat display device or flat screen monitor — as well as documents using those terms or concepts in the Japanese and Chinese languages. Perhaps even more importantly, when finding documents that exactly represent a search category or tag, that document can be submitted as an archetype to the index engine and used to find all other documents similar in subject.

More Foreign Language Document Services

In addition to these language support services, we also provide a suite of other Foreign Language Document Triage Services, including:

  • Post Editing, or live interpreter cleansed MT
  • Title/short summary, where we read and provide a one sentence “gist”
  • Abstract, where we read and provide a paragraph of content description
  • Bi-Lingual Search Support
  • Comprehensive Human Translation (as would be required for document submissions as evidence)

Contact us today for a free consultation to learn more about how our foreign document translation services can help you overcome challenges in MDL and class action lawsuits involving international parties.


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