Interpreting and Preparing for Testimony

Plaintiff eDiscovery Strategists Navigate International Cases

The issue of interpreted testimony at depositions and trial will arise when litigation involves international parties. International Parties Litigation Services Group (IPLSG) personnel have extensive experience in this area and have delivered seminars and written articles on the topic. For complex international litigation, we offer a variety of plaintiff eDiscovery services, including multilingual programmatic issue coding to translate and refine document searches in any language. Besides electronic data discovery, our plaintiff eDiscovery strategists assist counsel in determining whether or not to use live interpreters for client witnesses, selecting and vetting interpreters and strategizing regarding checking interpreters.

 International Depositions Conducted with Ease

Depositions of international witnesses often occur in their home country. The logistics of conducting and defending depositions overseas can be daunting, including:

  • Finding local interpreters who understand the industry vernacular of the case issues
  • Hiring court reporters or videographers
  • Locating an appropriate and approved facility (such as a U.S. embassy)
  • Dealing with travel logistics and complications

IPLSG personnel have conducted and defended numerous depositions outside the U.S., and can assist in making them happen most efficiently and productively. Conducting and defending interpreted depositions requires special attention to details that are not factors in non-interpreted depositions. IPLSG personnel can assist counsel to successfully navigate this layer of complications not typically found in depositions.

Overcoming Language Barriers at Trial

Breaking the Foreign Language  BarrierTestifying through an interpreter presents a host of issues in addition to those normally encountered. There are methods to increase the credibility of your witnesses and assist the interpreter to more accurately interpret the questions and testimony. IPLSG personnel can assist counsel in preparing clients and other witnesses to more effectively testify through an interpreter.

Even if international witnesses will testify in English, there are many cultural issues that should be addressed in connection with preparing these witnesses to testify. However, because of these very cultural issues, it is often difficult for attorneys representing international clients to effectively “educate” their clients in the “art” of testifying. It often is much easier and more effective for an “outsider” to do this. IPLSG personnel can perform this role.

Counsel in plaintiff class action lawsuits have a tremendous amount of pressure upon their shoulders already, and international litigation only serves to further complicate matters. Let our plaintiff electronic discovery firm ease the burdens of global travel and language barriers in depositions and trials. Contact us today to learn more about our eDiscovery international language services for interpreting and preparing for trial.


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