Foreign Language Document Production

Plaintiff eDiscovery Solutions to International Barriers

Foreign translationIn our increasingly global business economies, litigation in the United States involving international parties as defendants has become commonplace. This presents a variety of plaintiff electronic discovery issues, as foreign corporations typically maintain their documentation and databases in their native languages. Obtaining documents from international parties is only the first in a variety of hurdles, as plaintiffs’ counsel then must conduct document review in languages they do not understand. In the past, the options were limited to hiring or outsourcing expensive language interpreters for document translation. Our plaintiff eDiscovery experts provide foreign language document production services with unsurpassed accuracy for time-saving and cost-effective solutions to international barriers.

Foreign Language Triage for Plaintiff eDiscovery Review

Our consultants offer strategy support to counsel before drafting plaintiff eDiscovery requests to obtain the required documentation in the format best suited to their needs. For example, executives of international companies typically keep “diaries” that they often do not consider “discoverable,” but that usually contain business notes and need to be obtained and reviewed. Our consultants have experience helping plaintiffs’ counsel more effectively request and obtain documents from opposing parties. Once counsel receives the foreign data and documents, the key to efficient review is going to be triage, or systematic prioritization to reduce the documentation to a manageable level for human review:

  1. Use Cross-Lingual Relevant Issue Coding to reduce the defense production to only the relevant documents. This will usually be around 10 percent of the amount received.
  2. Use Enhanced Machine Translation (EMT) to translate the relevant documents to help distinguish the “hot documents.”
  3. Conduct human review of the EMT translated documents.
  4. Have human linguists review and translate only the “hot documents” to prepare to use for your case.

Foreign Language Services to Overcome Any Plaintiff Challenge

Our firm is fully equipped to handle all of the foreign language document production services you may need, including:

Contact us today for a free consultation to learn more about how our like-minded consultants, electronic data discovery services and specialized eDiscovery software can overcome any plaintiff international language barriers present in your case.


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