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Our Plaintiff eDiscovery Team Overcomes the Toughest Translation Challenges

International parties in litigation compound the difficulties plaintiffs’ attorneys face. Research, motion practice, depositions, finding nuance in key documents during document review, making strategy decisions, preparing for and conducting the trial, all present hurdles when facing foreign witnesses and documents. Counsel in international litigation will require the use of interpreters for depositions, translators for documents, communicating with witnesses who do not understand the U.S. legal system and who have different cultural viewpoints. All this presents challenges for litigators.

This is where International Parties Litigation Services Group (IPLS) comes in.

International eDiscoveryNow you can have professionals on your side who are intimately familiar with these issues from the plaintiff’s perspective and have extensive experience in cases involving international parties. Put them to work for you and your client to make your job easier and achieve better results.

International Litigation in a Multilingual World

Professionals in the International Parties Litigation Services Group at ILS can help you in a multitude of areas:

Our eDiscovery language software includes the use of enhanced machine translation, or MT. MT takes artificial intelligence technology and foreign language analytics, developed by a combination of dictionary translation and live-human translation, for the most accurate and effective document service available today. Watch our translation presentation and see for yourself!

When witnesses or defendants do not speak English, adept live interpreters are necessary during depositions, hearing and trial. The interpreter must not only be fluent in both English and the other language, but must also understand the industry vernacular of the subject matter. ILS assists counsel in determining when and where to use interpreters as well as selecting and vetting interpreters.

Understandably, foreign corporations tend to maintain databases and documents in their native language and usually do not provide translations to plaintiffs’ counsel. By combining machine translations with live interpreters, ILS is fully equipped to handle even the largest foreign language document production that your case demands.

Since 1988, ILS has been at the forefront of electronic discovery for international litigation with translation and interpretation challenges. Our Plaintiff eDiscovery experts provide unsurpassed consulting services and document review support for class action lawsuits and multidistrict litigation, and many of these cases have included international corporations and witnesses. Contact us to learn more about how our international language services can ease the burdens and overcome the challenges facing plaintiffs in these cases.


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