A Like-Minded Team of Plaintiff eDiscovery Experts

Like-MindedThe creative thinkers at International Litigation Services, Inc. (“ILS”) are a team of like-minded individuals dedicated to working for the plaintiffs’ bar. We believe in the work you do for your clients, and our mission is to assist you in finding justice for injured individuals throughout the nation. As many corporate defendants have massive resources, it is a common defense tactic to attempt to overwhelm you with data, voluminous documents and complex ESI productions. Our plaintiff eDiscovery firm provides the necessary consulting services and discovery support to level the playing field and successfully overcome these challenges.

We know you…

As lawyers, you are the best of the best. Appointed as lead counsel time and again, recognized as such by the bench and by your peers!

Our clients are composed of the most respectable class action and MDL attorneys and law firms in the nation. Our clients rely on us to ensure their practice is successful and their clients find justice, and we will not let you down.

We understand you…

You are the last line of defense – David against Goliath engaged in battles of great consequence to American consumers. You offer no excuses for failure, nor do you accept any!

Attorneys of this mindset will not be intimidated by defense production discovery tactics. Let us strategize with you to ensure your case runs smoothly from the very beginning. Review our case studies to see detailed examples of how our team exceeded the expectations of our past clients.

We believe in you and share your passion for what you do!

Our eDiscovery experts have a true passion for the work done by the plaintiffs’ bar. Class action lawsuits and multidistrict litigation offer injured individuals and consumers recourse that they would not otherwise be able to pursue. By holding corporations responsible for the harm they cause to innocents, the plaintiffs’ bar protects everyone in our society.

Contact us today to learn more about how the like-minded team members can strategize to efficiently conduct plaintiff electronic discovery to elevate your practice.


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