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Our Plaintiff eDiscovery Services Stand Above the Rest

Cutting EdgeOur Creative Thinkers (aka “eConsultants”) are a team of gifted and highly experienced litigation attorneys, veteran IT professionals and expert linguists whose first love happens to be Cutting-edge high technology! We keep this team nurtured with an abundance of the most technologically advanced computational tools known within any industry! Since our founding in 1988, our specialists have developed and refined our computer technology and eDiscovery software so our clients have access to the best electronic discovery services available.

Cutting-Edge Document Review with Proven Accuracy

Artificial intelligence (AI) recognizes complex issues by reasoning about knowledge, like humans do. Our IT specialists take the key issues important to your case and create specially-tailored AI-based document analytics. Then, these AI-based analytics in our “Expert Systems” read and recognize documents for the key issues.

Our systems crawl through enormous volumes of defense production documents and systematically organize them by automated issue coding, and sorts out the relevant documents within the collection. This accomplishes document review with higher accuracy than can be performed by human review, in a fraction of the time and cost of pennies on the dollar!

The study is written up in Technology-Assisted Review in E-Discovery Can Be More Effective and More Efficient Than Exhaustive Manual Review, Richmond Journal of Law and Technology, Vol. XVII, Issue 3, Article 11 (2011), and was conducted by its authors Maura R. Grossman and Gordon V. Cormack.

Cutting-Edge Machine Translation Understands Language Nuance

One of our most extensively accessed services is our machine translation (MT), which provides “first-cut” foreign language to English translations that are exceptionally accurate. Our plaintiff eDiscovery experts have developed enhanced machine translation with foreign language analytics. By using analytics-based AI algorithms, MT appreciates language nuance and idiomatic expressions with unsurpassed accuracy. This technology, assisted by professional linguists, “hard codes” terms and phrases from the defendants’ unique lexicon for a far more comprehensible translation of foreign language documents.

Cutting-Edge Optical Character Recognition for Images

Some of the defense production will invariably come to us as scanned images. Optical character recognition (OCR) takes images or handwritten text and converts them into machine-encoded text. The resulting data can be scanned, organized, searched and delivered in virtually any client-specified format. Our IT specialists improved this technology to develop Enhanced Optical Character Recognition, which we now consider to be the best in the business and dramatically increased recognition accuracy. Post-OCR, those images can be organized or searched for whatever key issue you need– in almost any language!

Our team of plaintiff electronic discovery  experts has a passion for cutting-edge high technology. We are always working to improve our systems, and over years of development, we believe our eDiscovery software stands above the rest for accuracy and efficiency. Our case studies demonstrate in detail exactly how the ILS Team solved two of our past clients’ eDiscovery problems and exceeded expectations. Contact us today for a free consultation to learn more about our technology and how it can streamline your discovery needs.


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