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Creative Thinking
The main reason we have proliferated into a nationally renowned plaintiff electronic discovery firm is that we pride ourselves on personalized service and finding creative solutions to problems faced by the plaintiffs’ bar. We offer a variety of cutting-edge eDiscovery services, and from the beginning of the case, our seasoned litigators can assist counsel in discovery consultation and strategic planning. When you are in need of discovery support for your class action lawsuit or multidistrict litigation, our creative thinkers are here to provide solutions for you.

As Confirmed by Our Unique Services . . .

Automated Issue Coding Performed by Computer Programs

  • Expert Systems for technology assisted review and predictive coding are trained by our eDiscovery experts to your case issues
  • Each document is analyzed for each issue
  • Results are produced more accurately at computer speeds for a fraction of the cost of contract lawyer issue coding
  • Systems Issue Code Foreign Language (FL) Documents “Natively”

Foreign Language Translation of Relevant Documents

  • Enhanced Machine Translation (EMT) language software is retrained by ILS translators for each case
  • EMT output continually quality tested and updated throughout the case
  • Cross lingual searching for key phrases and similar subject matter
  • Uses the lexicon from the defendants’ specific industry and document production

Expert Computer Forensics to Discover and Preserve Evidence

  • Search and recovery of hidden or deleted files
  • Metadata discovery and analysis
  • Evidence handling and computer fraud investigation

As Confirmed by Our People . . .

  • Creative thinkers are highly intuitive people who accomplish amazing things through a combination of mental processes that no one understands — fueled by technology, tools, support and resources. These people have an uncanny ability to deliver extraordinary results often by using unorthodox methodologies developed experimentally – some call it an out-of-the-box approach. Our clients call it “genius.”
  • We recognize the truly creative thinkers – recruit them, empower, facilitate and encourage them. And, we can put these people and our extraordinary resources on your project.
  • Our ILS in-house attorneys are seasoned litigators who stay abreast of all statutes, eDiscovery rules and up-to-date case law that affects plaintiff electronic discovery practice and procedure.

As Confirmed by Our Clients . . .

Our Clients are some of the Best (and most creative) Plaintiffs’ Counsel in the business.
And they’re talking!
  • Our clients are some of the best (and most creative) plaintiffs’ counsel in the business…And they’re talking!
  • Ask them about their experience with us, about the difference we make for them and their clients.
  • Our case studies explain in detail how we developed tailored solutions that gave two of our past clients exactly what they wanted in a fraction of the time they previously thought possible.
  • Call us – we’ll happily put you in touch with them.

Contact our plaintiff electronic discovery experts for client references and to learn more about how our creative IT specialists and like-minded legal professionals can streamline the electronic data discovery process, saving you and your clients both time and money.


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