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Plaintiff eDiscovery Accessible from Anywhere in the World

Online document reviewOne of the main benefits of electronic discovery becoming the norm, rather than the exception, in MDL or class action lawsuits is that discovery is now accessible from anywhere in the world. Our plaintiff eDiscovery firm offers cutting-edge technologies and online document review services specially tailored for each of our clients. In our global economy where consumer litigation often includes multiple defendants and international corporations, access to online databases and repositories for electronic document discovery on a secured server is invaluable. Our online document review and case management system has superior user-interface, a wide variety of reporting options and easy to use work-flow gets you quickly to the information you need for a successful outcome!

Plaintiff Electronic Discovery Review Now Fast, Intuitive & Efficient

We combine powerful document review features for searching, tagging, redacting and annotating – with a built-in innovative categorization function. Our Programmatic Issue Coding is a scalpel for precisely dissecting defense productions to focus exclusively on the “hot documents,” so that plaintiffs’ counsel does not waste valuable time reviewing unnecessary documentation.

ILS adds multilingual support, concept searching and organizing as well as instantaneous reporting for review by attorneys or support staff from anywhere in the world. With the most sophisticated online review tools in the industry, ILS provides your legal team the means to quickly master terabytes of documents with comprehension and confidence.

  • Secure (SSL encryption-see below)
  • Simultaneous collaboration for all parties, without the need for multiple databases and multiple copies.
  • Single-click production of privileged file reports and other file and review logs.
  • Accessible case documents from anywhere with an Internet connection.
  • Printing capabilities for case documents anytime, anywhere.

 How SSL Encryption Secures Plaintiff Electronic Databases

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption is an internet security protocol that transmits sensitive information online to protect the data from unauthorized access. Often used for online banking and other financial accounts, SSL requires a key to decrypt the transmitted data. This means that confidential information is not disseminated to the public or anyone who is not a pre-authorized user. Additionally, we can track all authorized use, so that nothing goes undetected.

If your case requires document review repositories accessible from anywhere in the world, our plaintiff electronic discovery experts will specially tailor our eDiscovery software to exceed your expectations. With our use of SSL encryption, our clients never have to worry about who has access to protected data. Contact ILS today for a free consultation and to learn more about our secure online document review services.

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