Plaintiff eDiscovery Litigation Document Coding

Programmatic Issue Coding Using Enhanced OCR Technology

Since its founding in 1988, International Litigation Services (ILS) has maintained the capacity to scan and document code millions of pages monthly, delivering images in virtually any client specified format. Our plaintiff electronic discovery firm offers enhanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) processing services, recognizing that accuracy and format retention is the key to searching and reviewing electronic document discovery with confidence.

Enhanced OCR Technology Elevates the Accuracy of Issue Coding

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is the conversion of paper discovery documents to electronic documentation and data. It works by scanning images into machine-encoded text that is coded, organized and easily searchable. Our IT specialists have enhanced our OCR technology to offer unsurpassed accuracy available nowhere else. Our plaintiff eDiscovery experts integrate the imaged collections of coded or OCR records with an existing coded or OCR database, regardless of the original viewing file or database source formats.

Scanning and coding are still requirements for most plaintiff electronic discovery projects. By applying cutting-edge eDiscovery software technologies to the paper components of our projects, we deliver near-duplicate concept clustering and Programmatic Issue Coding for scanned collections!

We consult with our clients on identifying the strengths and limitations of different indexing mechanisms in accordance the eDiscovery rules applicable to your case. We structure all document services to satisfy the objectives of the litigation effort in the most effective and budget-conscious manner possible.

Plaintiff Programmatic Issue Coding Improves Upon Predictive Coding

Predictive coding is a concept that is familiar to many MDL and class actions litigators, and many corporations use predictive coding to better understand their own internal production documents. However, predictive coding for defense teams is like a hack saw compared to the precise cutting-edge high technologies our firm offers to plaintiffs. Our Programmatic Issue Coding is the scalpel of computer document review, as we use artificial intelligence to recognize the key issues important to plaintiffs and finely carve out only the relevant “hot documents” important to the case.

Litigation document coding will be necessary for any case involving complex discovery issues and vast defense productions for plaintiffs attorneys to review, organize and search. Our Programmatic Issue Coding relieves this burden upon plaintiffs’ counsel by finely carving out the issues and documents important to their case with unparalleled accuracy. Contact our firm for a free consultation to learn more about how we can overcome any document review challenge in your case.

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