Discovery Case Management in Multiparty Cases

Plaintiff eDiscovery Firm Offering Objective Services for Litigation Ease

Discovery case managementIt is becoming increasingly common for litigants to hire a single litigation support services provider to manage costs for ESI collection and processing, document imaging, issue coding and other eDiscovery services in multiparty cases. The parties will then share the costs for services while the provider manages documents, bates conventions, distribution, and appropriate billing across the parties. International Litigation Services (ILS) has extensive experience providing this critical service.

Offering A Centralized Location for Plaintiffs and Defendants

ILS is a plaintiff electronic discovery firm, although we also serve as the objective case manager for the document production phase in multiparty litigation, acting as an independent third party vendor and service provider on behalf of counsel for both plaintiffs and the defense.

Case Management duties include:

  • Coordination and oversight of document production;
  • Coordination among the imaging and the database coding vendors;
  • Establishment and enforcement of a document numbering system;
  • Assistance as liaison to all third party vendors; and
  • Implementation of training sessions.

 Save Costs and Reduce Risks with a Shared Independent Service Provider

Perhaps the only thing that plaintiffs and defendants can agree upon is the need to keep discovery costs low. By hiring our firm as an independent discovery case manager, the burdens upon both plaintiffs and defendants are reduced as cooperation is encouraged and the costs will be shared. Furthermore, most law firms and corporate defendants are not experts in the area of electronic data discovery, and both will have a peace of mind in knowing that eDiscovery experts oversee and manage their important discovery issues.

Without an independent third party eDiscovery provider, both plaintiffs and defendants run the risk of missing important deadlines, not requesting or receiving important data in the correct format, failing to produce the proper data or accidentally turning over privileged documentation. Errors in electronic discovery or failure to follow the applicable eDiscovery rules can result in sanctions (and extreme embarrassment!)

Our in-house attorneys are seasoned litigators who understand the latest eDiscovery rules and work with our IT specialists and both parties to exchange relevant documents and data using mutually beneficial and agreed-upon ESI protocols. This will streamline the discovery process so both sides eliminate the risk of errors and proceed with electronic discovery in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Contact ILS to learn more about the discovery services we offer to both plaintiffs and defendants as an objective discovery case manager in multiparty cases.


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