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Using the Electronic Discovery Reference Model to Serve the Plaintiff’s Bar

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The electronic discovery reference model refers to the method by which electronic data is targeted, found, secured and made available for attorney review. ILS is a high-level and nationally-renowned plaintiff eDiscovery vendor specializing in making the best eDiscovery software, technology and services available to class action and MDL plaintiffs.

Today, most corporate information originates electronically, and eDiscovery efforts have become integral to the discovery phase of virtually every case. Corporate defendants and their mega firm counsel have gained in sophistication and matured their production strategies over recent years, primarily in disputes against corporate opponents (and their mega counsel). Many corporate defense firms have grown specialized eDiscovery teams within their firms and have between them and their clients developed and acquired highly sophisticated computerized tools designed to serve their defense production objectives.

Plaintiffs’ objectives are vastly different from those of producing defendants. ILS serves the community of plaintiffs’ firms who are engaged in class action and MDL cases as their outsourced eDiscovery “SWAT” unit. We understand our clients’ objectives as well as those objectives of defense teams.

The Facts About eDiscovery and the Electronic Discovery Reference Model

eDiscovery can be carried out on a given computer, or it can be performed in a data network environment. Court-ordered or government authorized data forensic investigations for the purpose of obtaining critical evidence is also a form of eDiscovery.

Digital data can be reviewed through electronic searches and network based data; it is nearly impossible to completely hide or destroy, since it is copied onto multiple forms of digital media within a network environment. Electronically stored information, even if deleted, can often be undeleted. (The only way to destroy a computer file completely is to physically destroy each digital storage device where a file has been stored.)

Evidence from electronic discovery can come in many forms, including email, electronic documents, spreadsheets, presentations, text and audio files, databases, websites, animation and social media.

For our clients, we provide multiple options for the expert fulfillment of their eDiscovery rules and service requirements under the electronic discovery reference model. Our teams are well versed in all phases of the eDiscovery process and offer the resources to fulfill high volume projects and special requests.


Globe iconInternational Parties Litigation Services (IPLS)

When litigation involves international parties, the difficulties are compounded. Interpreters may be needed for depositions and translators for key documents. When foreign language documents are produced, the page count can be in the millions, making a traditional document review impossible. ILS experience can help…


eDiscovery iconDocument Services

Paper still abounds! Virtually every project still requires scanning, coding, OCR and document management services. But new approaches and technologies offer new ways to find near duplicates and even cluster documents by similar concepts! Let ILS show you how dealing with paper is easier and less expensive now than ever before!!


Software iconeDiscovery Software

Today, the technology options available for eDiscovery support are many! The eDiscovery experts at ILS have devoted many years evaluating and using these tools through their product evolutions. For our project work, we use “best of breed” technology solutions for each phase of the EDRM project cycle. Some of these include:

  • iCONECT nXT for Online Repository Services
    Easily accommodate matters involving terabytes of data and/or hundreds of reviewers without any impact on performance.
  • Concordance®/FYI™ Online
    With FYI, satellite offices, co-counsel, expert witnesses and clients can collaborate on discovery documents in real-time—regardless of location.
  • Foreign Language Document Categorization
    The business world is now a global multilingual one: few corporate defendants do business only within the US or with US-based concerns only. When foreign parties are involved, eDiscovery can become infinitely more complex.

Contact the plaintiff eDiscovery experts at ILS to learn more about the electronic discovery reference model and how our cutting-edge high technologies and full-service litigation support team can elevate plaintiff electronic data discovery in your class action or MDL practice.


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