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Electronic Discovery: Legal Strategies and Best Practices

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Posted on May 24th, 2011

Do you have the latest and most effective strategies for navigating the discovery process?

Attend this Lorman Education seminar and learn the basics of the discovery process in the California state and federal courts. You will receive valuable information pertaining to the entire spectrum of discovery in most types of litigation, enabling you to assist senior attorneys with both the technical and substantive portions of the discovery process. This seminar will feature expert commentary from our distinguished panel that will showcase the right and wrong ways to handle discovery requests and responses in the course of preparing a case for settlement and trial.

Benefits for You

  • Become fluent in the rules that govern discovery
  • Know whom to depose and when to depose them
  • Tips on negotiating the production with opposing parties

Get best practices in eDiscovery planning

  • California Bar CLE Paperwork Requirements
  • The Agenda/The Hypothetical
The Court Hearing (The Law of Data Discovery)
  • Data Discovery Under the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and the California Code of Civil Procedure
  • Scope of Discovery
  • What Is Discoverable and in What Format
  • Spoliation
  • Data vs. Paper and Paper Equivalents
  • Malpractice Issues
  • Cost Shifting Strategies
The Meet and Confer (Negotiating the Production With Clients or Opposing Counsel)
  • Technical Help – In-House Assets, Consultants, Vendors
  • Identification of Relevant Data
  • Demand/Notice Letters
  • Who to Speak To/Client PMKs
  • Document/Data Retention Policies
  • Claw Back Agreements
  • The Price of Misinformation (Monetary and Legal Repercussions)
  • Negotiating the Scope
  • What to Demand/What Not to Demand
  • What to Offer/What Not to Offer
  • Current Case Law
The e-Document Custodian/IT PMK Deposition
  • Formal vs. Informal
  • Conducting the Deposition/Conference
  • Planning and Noticing
  • Conducting
  • Follow-Up
Planning eDiscovery (Best Practices and Cost Reduction Strategies)
  • Planning the Project
  • Vendor Selection and Maintenance
  • Review and Analysis of Data – Search and Knowledge Management Tools
  • Privilege and Subject Matter Review – Computerization Options
  • The Costs of Treating Data Like Paper – Monetary and Strategic


Michael Jeffrey Glick, Esq. — Moderator

  • Vice president of Encore Discovery Solutions
  • Assists clients in development of information management systems to enable efficiencies in case management with focus on discovery and trial preparation process
  • Recognized as a leader in the industry with knowledge of computer technology as it relates to the legal practice
  • Chairman of the advisory board of California State University, paralegal program
  • B.A. degree, summa cum laude, University of California, San Diego; J.D. degree, Loyola Law School
  • Can be contacted at 213-713-1001 or

Steven A. Schneider

  • Of counsel to the firm of Koorenny & Teitelbaum
  • Practiced general business litigation for more than 30 years
  • Frequent speaker and has written publications on a wide variety of civil litigation topics
  • Served on the faculty for the paralegal program at Los Angeles Valley College
  • B.A. degree, Occidental College; Ph.D. degree, Harvard University; J.D. degree, USC Law Center
  • Can be contacted at 805-373-2968 or

Joseph Thorpe

  • Managing director with International Litigation Services (ILS)
  • Assists clients to help design cost efficient end-to-end service chains, from collection of paper or ESI documents through production to opposing counsel
  • Focuses on design and delivery of unified litigation support systems, which unite both paper and ESI evidence into a single multi-functional repository
  • Frequent speaker on the use of specialized litigation support and document indexing and management technologies in numerous meetings of attorneys
  • Charter member of the Board of Governors of the Organization of Legal Professionals
  • Can be contacted at 213-687-7400 ext. 100 or

Culver City, CA July 7, 2011

Register Today For This Exciting Event.

Registration: $309

Bring a Colleague for only $259.00

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