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LexisNexis Coffee Break Webinar Series: Ernst Halperin and Diane Barry Discuss Current Issues in California e-Discovery

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Posted on November 1st, 2010

Lexis Nexis

Current Issues in California E-Discovery
Join Ernst Halperin and Diane Barry as they discuss current issues in California e-discovery, including new cases and changes since the passage of the 2009 California Electronic Discovery Act in June of 2009. This hour-long CLE* Webinar will dig into the topic of electronically stored information (ESI) relating to text messaging and other new media formats, as well as cover the authentication and admission of ESI. Ernst and Diane will also discuss issues concerning cloud computing and social networking, and will take questions from attendees regarding e-discovery and evidence.

Diane Barry

Diane E. Barry, Esq. is the Director of Discovery Strategy & Management at International Litigation Services, Inc. Diane’s practice focuses on ESI discovery under state and federal rules of civil procedure, and complex litigation discovery planning and management. Diane assists clients in planning and preparing for ESI discovery conferences and court appearances, as well as preparation for specialized discovery such as IT custodian depositions, key player and IT interviews. In addition, Diane has significant expertise in utilizing technology to improve results in privilege and relevance review, and managing large-scale document review projects. Diane has written several chapters for the Matthew Bender® Practice Guide: California E-Discovery and Evidence.

Ernst Halperin
Law Office of Ernst Halperin, San Francisco

Previously a partner with the San Francisco firm of Folger Levin & Kahn LLP, Ernst has litigated complex commercial, bankruptcy and intellectual property cases since 1995. He has managed the discovery of ESI in cases alleging breach of merger agreements, trade secret misappropriation, fraudulent transfers, construction defects and patent infringement. Ernst is a contributing author and practice consultant to the recently published Matthew Bender® Practice Guide: California E-Discovery and Evidence, and was a presenter at the March 2010 Bridgeport Continuing Legal Education Seminar on Electronic Discovery. He currently practices as a dispute resolution neutral.

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