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Current Issues in Legal Holds: Are You Prepared?

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Posted on October 8th, 2010


If there ever was a ‘honeymoon’ on preserving discoverable documents and data for litigation…it’s over now. The stakes are higher than ever and so are courts’ expectations for parties and their lawyers. Organizations simply must have in place a compliant legal hold process that effectively preserves discoverable documents and data.

This teleconference will help you understand the changing compliance environment for preserving discoverable documents and data. You will learn how to build a legal hold process that meets legal requirements, contains costs and manages risks. You will understand how to align your legal hold process with other key initiatives, such as early case assessment, ordinary course practices for document and data management, and information privacy and security compliance.


Legal Holds 2.0 – Are You Prepared?

  • The Legal Hold Imperative…And How the Bar Is Rising
    • Preservation Obligations and Spoliation Sanctions
    • Containing Costs
    • Managing Risks
  • Compliant Legal Hold Processes
    • Policy, Process or Both?
    • Building the Right Process With the Right Resources
    • Practice Makes ‘Perfect’
  • Legal Holds in Context – The Bigger Picture
    • What Is ECA and Why Do I Care?
    • Laying the Foundation Ordinary Course of Business Data and Rim Practices
    • The Overlap With Information Privacy and Security Compliance


Deborah H. Juhnke, Husch Blackwell Sanders LLP
Peter Sloan, Husch Blackwell Sanders LLP

Deborah H. Juhnke

  • Director of Information Management Counsulting at Husch Blackwell Sanders LLP
  • Offers electronic discovery planning, early case assessment, data preservation, data collection and project management, litigation readiness planning, and information asset mapping
  • Experienced in a wide array of cases, including products liability, trade secret theft, employment law, contractual disputes, bankruptcy, shareholder class action and antitrust litigation matters
  • Frequent speaker at ARMA, AIIM, HTCIA ,and other regional and national conferences regarding electronic discovery
  • Author of numerous articles in Digital Discovery and E-Evidence, The National Law Journal, and The Practical Litigator on ESI topics
  • More than a decade of experience consulting with the country’s largest companies regarding eDiscovery matters
  • Member of the High Tech Crime Investigative Association, The Sedona Conference Working Group I and ARMA

Peter Sloan

  • Partner at Husch Blackwell Sanders LLP
  • Focuses client service on how companies can best manage their records and information
  • Helps companies across the United States create and validate records retention schedules, implement records management compliance systems, and develop and deploy legal hold processes
  • Presents at national conferences on legal hold processes and records management
  • Member of ARMA International, AIIM, and the Sedona Conference Working Group I

These Materials are Designed For

This program is primarily designed for attorneys. Other legal professionals may also benefit from attending.

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