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Organization of Legal Professionals (OLP) Appoints Joseph Thorpe to Board of Governors

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Posted on May 25th, 2010

Nov 11, 2009 10:45 CET

The Organization of Legal Professionals (the “OLP”) has named Joseph Thorpe a charter member of the Board of Governors. The Board consists of a highly distinguished panel of 26 members from throughout the United States and Great Britain.

The Board includes a widely praised Michigan appellate Judge, several law school professors who are leading scholars in the emerging disciplines of litigation management, digital evidence and issues pertaining to electronically stored information, the General Counsel of a premier global communications company, several CEOs, directors and key personnel from some of the foremost litigation support/ESI management consultants (drawn from throughout the U.S. and London), and several prominent lawyers, special eDiscovery counsel, and litigation support managers from some the nation’s leading law firms.

About The OLP
The OLP drives education, best practices and provides professional certifications for those involved in the practice support of complex litigation. Through its programs, OLP insures that the requisite level of competency in such complicated disciplines as eDiscovery and trial support, among others, is met.

Listen to a brief podcast with OLP’s Chairperson:

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International Litigation Services, Inc. is a leading consulting firm in the field of practice support services for complex litigation.

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