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International Parties Litigation Services Group Headed by Mark Shipow Esq. of ILS

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Posted on November 25th, 2009

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) November 25, 2009–
ILS (International Litigation Services, Inc.) announced today that it has selected Mark Shipow Esq. to direct its International Parties Litigation Services Group

Joe Thorpe messageMr. Shipow as a practicing attorney had emphasized representing and litigating against international parties in a wide variety of litigation, arbitration and mediation matters. He has handled cases as the lead attorney in U.S. District Courts and California Superior Courts in matters involving trademarks, trade dress, trade secrets, copyrights, patents, shareholder and partner disputes, real estate disputes, dealer and employee terminations, contracts and government procurement. As part of this international practice, Mr. Shipow also has been involved in litigation over service of process, personal jurisdiction, enforcement of foreign judgments, and related issues.

With international parties, litigation often involves Interpreters for depositions and for speaking with clients, translators or machine translation for foreign language documents, tailoring the litigation goals to meet the needs of an international business, and communicating with clients who do not understand the U.S. legal system and who have different cultural viewpoints, all of which present additional hurdles to the litigator.

International Clients“Mark’s extensive background makes him an extremely valuable resource for consulting on the many unique issues involved in handling litigation on behalf of and adverse to international clients,” said Joe Thorpe, ILS Managing Director. “I am thrilled to bring someone with his depth of experience, distinctive qualifications and deep resources to lead our International Parties team.”

Mr. Shipow can help navigate the intricacies of Document Translation and Production, including bringing efficiency and cost-effectiveness to the translation process, and strategizing regarding locating and producing documents from files maintained by international parties. He also can assist with Interpreting and preparing for testimony, including helping in locating and vetting interpreters, providing advice regarding how to most effectively use interpreters, and preparing counsel and witnesses to deal with the nuances of interpreted depositions and trial testimony. Mr. Shipow also brings his unique experience and perspective to bear in providing international clients with an understanding of the U.S. litigation process, helping clients to understand tactical decisions being made by counsel and overcoming cultural barriers inherent in the attorney-client relationship when international clients are involved. This and other Strategic Support of Counsel services bridge language and cultural divides that are often exacerbated by emotions stirred through the litigation process.

“I am very excited to join ILS, especially during such extraordinary times as these,” said Mr. Shipow. “With a weakened economy, globalization provides corporations with new growth opportunities as they seek new markets for their products as well as lowered sourcing costs. As trends continue towards international business, disputes inevitably will arise. Our team is uniquely positioned to assist counsel with resolving these disputes as they occur.”

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