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eConsultingIn class action lawsuits and multidistrict litigation, electronically stored information as part of discovery has become the norm, not the exception. To be able to most efficiently review voluminous computer files and documentation, plaintiffs must draft discovery requests to receive the data in its native file format. Defense teams will resist production requests specifying native files. As a firm specializing in plaintiff eDiscovery services, we can help you overcome these challenges.

You are Entitled to Receive eDiscovery in Native File Format

Using our “Expert Systems” for automated issue coding (also called predictive coding) makes a huge difference to plaintiffs’ counsel in terms of cost, quality and time spent for high-volume document review projects. To be in a position to benefit, defendants’ electronically stored information (“ESI”) productions must be in a format that our eDiscovery experts and analytics team can work with. This requires a specific electronic format that federal eDiscovery rules and case law entitle you to have. But usually, you will have to fight to get it.

Defense teams often leverage what they perceive to be plaintiffs’ counsel’s lack of electronic data discovery sophistication as they describe incredibly complex defendant computing environments. They will claim that your requests are burdensome, unnecessary and impractical, or they will invoke a myriad of exceptions that they declare appropriate to their circumstances. ILS has been there and helped our clients to overcome these challenges to their rightful defense production discovery and formatting requests allowed by law. ILS provides electronic discovery attorneys as well as IT specialists in infrastructure, database and corporate computing environments. We work with you side-by-side from the inception of the matter.

Electronically Stored Information and ESI Strategy Planning

ILS provides in-depth start to finish planning and strategy support to help you position your matter. We help plan:

  • ESI identification strategies, support defining and negotiating formats
  • Requests for Production preparation support
  • Relevance identification search protocols
  • Cost shifting strategies

Some additional areas of support:

  • Addressing ESI discovery issues with opposing counsel and the court
  • Preparation for PMK depositions
  • Written discovery demands and responses
  • Deposition and witness preparation
  • Discovery-related law and motion practice

When attorneys are in need of eConsulting and strategic planning, our plaintiff electronic discovery firm is composed of like-minded thinkers who provide creative solutions to overcome any challenge invoked by a defense team. The law is on your side, but you must draft your discovery requests using ESI protocols in the specific formatting necessary to benefit. Contact us today for a free consultation and to learn more about the full range of services we offer.


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