Expert Computer Forensics

Plaintiff eDiscovery Investigates and Collects Data

Computer forensicsIn today’s digital world, preserving evidence correctly is of paramount importance to any case. As part of our plaintiff electronic discovery services, our firm provides you with certified computer examiners and analysts to assist in the expert collection and/or investigation of any forensic evidence. We employ the use of industry accepted tools, and have additionally developed our own enhancements to create all the documentation required to help you preserve chain of custody. Our Senior Data Investigator is an EnCase trained forensics technician, and leads our eDiscovery experts in performing forensic grade evidence collections of hard drives and server environments. If needed, our experts can submit affidavits or provide oral testimony related to our work.

Uncovering and Tracing Hidden Data Important to Your Case

These plaintiff eDiscovery expert computer forensics services include:

  • Search unallocated space on the hard drive. This will uncover hidden or deleted files and data.
  • Recover deleted files and data. This includes retrieval of deleted emails, electronic documents and databases.
  • Trace artifacts. This is data residue left behind by the operating system. We can find these artifacts and evaluate the information found.
  • Process hidden files. This includes files that are invisible or inaccessible. We can analyze the date codes for each file to see when files were created, modified, last accessed and deleted.
  • Forensic analysis. Report details on Internet usage, history of uploads/downloads, data scrubs, and other key data events.
  • Email Analytics. This can produce important information about email chain analysis, email custodian analysis and email threads.
  • Meta data retrieval and production. Also known as “data about data,” meta data can be retrieved to discover when and where documents were created, prior past versions of files or emails, and information about users who have access.
  • Support for preparation of client witnesses. This includes preparing witnesses for deposition and trial testimony, and using our own experts for Affidavits or testimony, as needed.

The eDiscovery experts at ILS can be deployed anywhere in the world to investigate and collect data on any scale required, and will identify, extract, preserve, interpret and document electronic evidence on any scale. Our past computer forensics investigations uncovered essential information and data in cases regarding mortgage fraud, computer fraud, insurance fraud, intellectual property theft, personal injury, economic recovery services, product liability, business valuation and damage analysis.

Contact us today to learn more about how our expert computer forensics can assist you in collecting evidence and investigations.


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